OUTFIT | Roses Are Red, Jumpsuits Are Blue

I have two new loves in my live that I really need to share with you: Greece and this Blue Jumpsuit

Last week I went to Greece to take a short break from school and to clear my mind to make room for new ideas, and it was wonderful! The weather was the perfect temperature and the people where extremely friendly. But more about this in a few days when I show more of my vacation pics.

Because, while I was in Greece I also took the oppertunity to shoot a new outfit post! I just received this gorgeous jumpsuit before I left and it was as if it was made for this trip! The blue matched perfectly with the cute painted houses and it was extremely comfortable to hike in.

Here's more of the outfit (It was just so pretty there, I took a million pictures and couldn't decide on which ones to show you, so this might be a pic overload, sorry ;))

Jumpsuit by WalG | Shoes by Dolcis | Socks by FlyingTiger

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Best Blogger Tips

ANNIVERSARY | 2 Years of Lana Red Studio!

I cannot believe it but it's true: the Lana Red Studio blog turned 2 this week!! It has been a wonderful 2 years and sometimes it seems as if life only started after I started this blog. Browsing through my archive last night, I enjoyed looking at how the blog starts to look more and more complete.

I also discovered that I have been sharing over 150 tutorials, recipes and crafts with you in the last 2 years, how crazy is that!

My sister Barbara also started helping out on the blog this last year, and it felt so great to be expanding and starting more collaborations.

But the best part of these last 2 years where you! Without you lovely readers and friends I really wouldn't have come this far. Thank you for your support, lovely comments and emails they truly made the last 2 years the best ever!


NAIL DIY | Matte & Glossy Nails

Pink and dots, is there any better combination to put on your nails? Especially now that it's time to wear all those spring colors!
And the best part, it's extremely easy to do! You won't need any tape, or templates or fake nails. Just some nail polish and a helpful tool. Here's how to make your own dotted nails:

One matte nail polish
One Glossy nail polish
One stick

1. Apply the matte nail polish and let it dry
2. Get the stick and use it to gently make small dots with the glossy nail polish. 
3. The drying will take longer than usual because of the thickness of the dots. Make sure you wait until they are completely dry!

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