Bow Button Shirt DIY

I sometimes look in my closet and notice so many pieces that I never wear. So I am starting a new resolution: making my sad forgotten clothes wearable and more unique.
I am starting with this vest that I bought at H&M it's very simple en black but I thought it was a bit boring. And since I still had a big jar of buttons without a purpose, I decided to make a bow made of buttons on it.

Bow Button Shirt DIY

All you need to do to make this is:
- take a sweater or a vest
- collect all different types of buttons. You can also decide if you want them all to be in the same color or if you want to mix it up
- sew them on in the pattern of a bow you like

I didn't sew all the buttons with one thread but tight a knot every 5 buttons. This will make sure that if one thread brakes, not all the buttons will fall off. Also be careful with elastic fabrics if you sew the buttons to tight the thread might break because you still need room to fit in the sweater. 
It might seem like a lot of work, but I thought it was kinda therapeutic like knitting can be.

Pictures by Lana

And there you go, an old forgotten sweater and some buttons make a whole new look!

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