Dogtoy Tutorial

dog toy DIY

My sister just got a new dog named Cacao, and I must say that he is the cutest dog in the entire world! As a gift for him I made him this dogtoy out of old shirts. He doesn't really know what to do with a toy yet, but I guess he will figure it out eventually :) 
I am sorry in advance for the blurry dogpictures, but he is only three months old and it's impossible to let him sit still for even a few seconds.

1. Get some old stretchy shirts.
2. Cut the shirts into strips of about 1,5 cm wide and 60cm's long.
3. This is what it should look like.
4. place them next to each other. Make sure that you have about enough of each color.
5. Hold them together and tie a knot at the top. this way they will all be combined.
6. Start braiding. Use each color as a separate strand to braid.
7. Braid until you are almost at the end. To finish tie a knot at the ending.
8. Cut the fringes at the end in the same size as the other end.

All done!


  1. What a cute doggy! I love this idea and I'm sure the puppies do, too! Pinned it for later!

    Lesley /

    1. Thank you! And thank you for pinning :)


Thank you! x Lana