Capturing The Moments

One of the things that I enjoy the most about having my blog, is that wherever I go, I always bring my camera with me. I am always on the hunt for new and inspiring things. Mostly I just take photographs of things that inspire me and I want to remember that for an occasion where I might use it. But some days I just like capturing my life as it is on that moment.

These pictures where taken last weekend when me and my boyfriend went cycling and I just loved the view from this bridge. The last picture is the local thrift store. It's in my street and it's actually just a house turned into a cute little store, I love it!

And also thanks everyone for the wonderful comments on the giveaway! The giveaway is still going until wednesday, but I really wanted to say that I love reading everyones comments and personal thoughts on the necklaces!


  1. I was just telling my husband that this is why I love blogging- because suddenly I am actually documenting my life through photos again and not just the 'big' moments. Often we miss the smaller moments, which is sad. Hopefully I appreciate it in the future...

    1. I think that looking back on all the photos you made makes you think again of how you felt at the time the picture was taken.I like to think that that keeps me from missing out on these moments. Blogging is so much more than crafting to me and I think that the smaller moments are very easy to reach as long as you just take the time to see them sometimes. xoxo Lana


Thank you! x Lana