Hair Bun DIY

High hair buns have been in style for a while now, unfortunately my hair is very thin and I just don't have enough thickness in my hair to create a proper bun. Until I was shopping at Primark and found this 'bun donut' (see image 4, below). It is just a genius way to make the perfect bun, even for my thin hair! Here's the tutorial:

1. Brush your hair, if necessary straighten it.
2. Get an elastic band.
3. Make a high ponytail.
4. Get your bun donut :)
5. Place it over the ponytail.
6. Divide the tail into four strands.
7. spread one of the strands and fold it around the bun.
8. Take a bobby pin.
9. Secure the folded hair-strands with the bobby pin.
10. Make sure the back looks one, and style it up with a cute little bow!

All done!

Pictures by Lana


  1. Thats a great DIY. I will definitely try this one! You maybe have any idea if they sell these 'bun donuts' any other place than primark?

    1. Hi Anouck!

      I think I also saw them at H&M, so you can try there:)

      Good luck!

    2. To get the band just use an old sock. Cut the tip so that is u stick ur hand in it there's a hole in the other end. Then just roll it up and there u go! Don't waist ur money when u can DIY.

    3. A really great DIY for this is to get a black sock - cut the top of the footie, where the toes usually go.
      Roll it up tight and it works just as well!

      By the way Lana! Your hair is adorable! I love the color & the wispiness <3

    4. You can also make one out of a sock by cutting the toes off and rolling it

  2. I have also seen them at Claire's jewelry stores. I didn't actually know what it was for until I saw your tutorial though! I have super fine hair and miserably failed when I tried a bun the other day. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much!!! I have super short hair and have been wishing for longer hair so I could try the sock bun. I don't know why I never thought of this but thank you!!!

  4. Those are usually called hair rats jsyk. they're used to recreate old 50's and 60's hairdos mostly. this is a small one though :) there's directions everywhere and they're simple to make.

  5. the good ole sock bun :) we use these in the military all the time. take a sock (preferrably close to your hair color), the shorter/thinner your hair the thinner youll want the sock fabric. Cut the tip of the toe off and roll the sock up. Voila

    1. That is very clever!I never actually heard of all these techniques until I posted this tutorial and people are giving me all sorts of advice. Thank you!

  6. thank you!! i have a really thin hair and its hard for me to make a bun
    glad you make this tutorial :)

  7. I have very thick long hair and I rock a bun every day at work (food service). And even I loved this sock/donut idea, it gave my bun new life! My husband said I look like Marge Simpson! It wasn't all that big...typical male, he would prefer I have hair hanging loose and in my way all the time. He just doesnt appreciate the handiness of a good bun.


Thank you! x Lana