30 BEFORE 30: Go to a casino

Remember my 30 before 30 list? I made this list on my 25th birthday, it has 30 goals that I want to reach before I turn 30, and I am proud to announce that I have yet another goal to cross of the list!

Yesterday evening I went to a casino! I actually live less then 10 minutes away from a casino and always wanted to go there. They offer a try out package for 35 euros. In that package you will find 35 euros in playing money and a free drink and snack. 

Me and some friends bought this package and decided to try out the casino! It was a lot of fun and the package made sure that we tried every aspect of the casino: we played black jack, machines and roulette. I actually didn't even loose any money and went home with 2 euros more than I came with!

The casino was a lot of fun, but I realized that it's not something that I would go to very often ;) It has a very unusual vibe and I was pretty nervous to play at the tables, like with playing black jack. I didn't take much risks, but at the same time I think that that was the reason why I didn't loose any money.

I also found the dress code a bit strange, I think I was slightly overdressed. But I guess that that's James Bonds fault. I figured that every woman in a casino dresses like a femme fatale and competes with the handsome gentlemen's at the tables:) But unfortunately not in this casino, I mostly saw middle aged women wearing flip flops and boys in jeans.

But don't get me wrong, I had a great time! And I am so happy that I put this goal on my list! I unfortunately don't have any pictures of the evening itself. Camera's where not aloud and my mobile can't really take nice pictures in a dark area. But I can show you how I cross this goal of my list:


  1. What a great list!! Are you sure you have time to cross everything over? I don't ever cross my weekly, really easy task, list!! haha! Well, good luck! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun, doing all these things :)
    Have a nice evening!!

    1. Hi! I am not sure if I'm able to cross everything of my list. But I hope that having this list will make me try harder ;)
      And I am secretly doing another 30before30 goal this weekend, so I am doing pretty good this week!

      xoxo Lana

  2. A splendid article you have here! :) And congratulations for finally being able to cross of “going to a casino” from your list!

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad that you like it! x Lana


Thank you! x Lana