Autumn Wishlist

The leaves are falling and the rain has made it's way into my daily life, so it's time to dream about the good things that autumn has to bring! The only thing that I like about this season is dressing for the occasion: hip rain boots, pretty gloves and being able to snuggle up on the sofa in a cute sweater :)

The above items are on my autumn wish list, some are to pricey but they've also inspired me for some new DIY projects.
1. Gloves | 2. Sweater | 3. Dress | 4. Rain boots | 5. Vase | 6. Hat | 7. Jacket 


  1. I loved the dress! So beautiful! So cute! So romantic! So.. so..! Wonderful!! I really fell in love with it!! Happy shopping ^_^

    1. Me too! I really wish I could have it :)


Thank you! x Lana