Dress Shoe Restyle

I bought these shoes a couple of years ago for about 2 euros. I tried to spray paint them, but it failed miserably and I completely forgot that I had them, until I was cleaning out a closed.

I decided that I could easily restyle them with the help of some mod podge and nail polish. And this time the restyling project turned out great!

Here's how I restyled them:

1. Take the old shoes.
2. Clean them. I used acetone.
3. Place your shoe on a piece of fabric and cut around the shoe, give it a wide margin.
4. Cover your shoe with mod podge.
5. Place the fabric on the inside of the shoe.
6. Let the shoe dry.
7. Apply a second coat of mod podge and let it dry again.
8. Repeat the same process with the toppart of your shoe.
9.After everything dried, cut all the excessive fabric with a tiny knife.
10. Now get your nail polish ready.
11. Apply the lightest color of nail polish first. Let it dry and apply as many layers as needed.
12. Apply the second color and let it dry. 

All done!


  1. They are.. wow!! I never thought that shoes would have that major change at their style!! Wow!! The turned out really great!!
    Have a nice evening, Lana!!
    Kisses from Greece!!

  2. seriously..its Great..only concern is Glue..BTW...you made it look so easy...

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment! But may I ask what you mean with the concern about the glue?

      xx Lana

  3. Does the glue set perfectly? Do they stand rain okay? (I live in England, the land where it rains almost every day)

    1. Well, in Holland we are also a bit known to rain. But the shoes are still holding:) I must admit that I didn't wear them in the rain, but I did wear my restyled boots (http://lanared.blogspot.nl/2012/10/restyling-boots-diy.html) a lot and they are still holding strong!


Thank you! x Lana