I Heart Hearts

I am always searching for new prints and patterns to include in my DIY projects, but I always tend to go for my favorite: the heart shape. Because who wouldn't love to have a heart on there sweater? Or a pillow in the shape of a heart? 
I recently made a heart tights project, and immediately wanted to integrate the loving shape in more projects. So while searching for inspiration, I stumbled upon some pretty items that I want to share with you!

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  1. I ❤ hearts also!!! Come check them out in my etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TrishaFlanagan

    1. Hi, how great that you also love hearts ;) I wanted to check your etsy shop out,but I read that you are enjoying a vacation at the moment. Have great time in your vacation and I will visit your shop as soon as it gets back online!

      xx Lana


Thank you! x Lana