Inspirational Tuesday


As I probably mentioned before, I study theater design at the Utrecht School of the Arts. I am in my third year and I just started a new project with my class. 
I am very excited about this project, because we (me and my fellow classmates) have to make a theater play together. We have to do every aspect of it by ourselves, we are the producers, designers, directors, etc. It's pretty hard to make decisions when you're with 9 people and everyone has there own opinion. But one thing that we all decided on was to make our own shoes!

So I have been doing some research on what kind of shoes I would want to make and what effect that can have on the shape of your body. I found the video above when I was doing my research and I was fascinated by how much here entire shape and posture changes when she puts on those shoes. Not to mention how beautiful the shoes are.

I was very inspired and me and my classmates have made a shoe design based on our research, so tomorrow we are going to work on our shoes, how fun!


  1. I freaked out! lol! She was walking like a zombie!!

    1. She does walk pretty weird, but I also think that that is the beauty of it:)


Thank you! x Lana