Summer DIY Roundup

Tomorrow school finally starts for me and although I'm very excited to start some new school projects, I will also miss all the time that I could spend crafting over the summer vacation. Don't worry, I will still craft on! But I will just have less time to do it, so my schedule will be a bit more full then I've gotten used to.

Now that the vacation has finally come to it's end, I wanted to share my favorite summer DIY's with you. this DIY round up includes the best of my summer's work:

I made this Spoon Ring out of a thrifted spoon.

I transformed a canvas tote, into this pretty handbag.

My boyfriend requested a new phone case, and I grabbed that challenge by making him this one.

A very summer nail tutorial to brighten up does rainy summer days.

Me and my boyfriend made this delicious Blackberry Yoghurt Icecream. Yuuum!

I was very inspired by a bottle lamp from Martin Margiela and decided to make it.

My favorite summer hair DIY, is this vintage boho hairstyle, it's amazingly easy and it's perfect for a hot summer day to keep the hair out of your neck.

I really really enjoyed this summer, it gave me the opportunity to do what I love best: crafting and sharing my crafts on my blog. Thank you all so much for the support and kind words, and let's get the autumn crafts started!


  1. I really like everything you made, this summer! The ring is lovely, the icecream so tasty looking and your hair really gorgeous!!
    Happy start of your school days!
    Have a nice week :)
    Kisses from Greece!!

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed making all these summer projects! And about my hair: i am dyeing it again right now, so it will be bright red in a couple of minutes,yeay!


Thank you! x Lana