DIY | Felt Christmas Ornament

I just love felt! It's such an easy material and it just seems to match with everything!
That's why I just couldn't have a Christmas DIY Week without some cute felt ornaments :)

Here's how:

1. Download the Free Printable template to get the shapes in the right sizes.
Print the printables and cut the shapes out.

2. Trace the shapes onto the fabric and cut them out. (make sure that you cut every shape twice for the front and the back).
Take a piece of ribbon and place it double on top of the ornament between the two layers.

3. Start stitching the two pieces fabric together using the 'blanket stitch'. 

4. When you're almost finished stitching the two pieces together, fill the inside with some soft filling.
Continue stitching the ornament until you made the full circle.

All done!


  1. These are great and so simple!! I love them. If my tree wasn't already full, I'd be making a few of these tonight!!

    1. Thank you! And my tree is getting pretty full now as well :)

  2. Adorable! I love felt too and these are just wonderful. What cute, classy, basic, festive shapes! (enough adjectives you think?)
    p.s. I love these SO much I am featuring them on my blog for a DIY ornament round-up. Come and see!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for you lovely words and featuring my ornaments on your blog!
      I really appreciate it! (and congrats on the engagement!)

  3. Where did you find the felt with the printed design on them?

    1. I actually went to a local design furniture store and asked them what they did with their fabric samples. And they give a big box of leftovers to me. So these fabrics are actually made to turn into cushions and sofas. But I have seen similar fabrics at the bigger fabric stores in Holland.

  4. ....and they don't break into a million pieces when dropped or stored!


Thank you! x Lana