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It's Queensday in Holland and after strolling the market last night in the city, I'm in need for some relaxing. And what a perfect day it is to hang out in the garden and enjoy the sun!

Happy Sunny Day everyone!

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DIY | Braided Shirts into Bracelet

A stretchy comfortable bracelet that is also made out of recycled material? Yes! 
All you need is an old stretchy shirt, or two or three! 

I loved doing this project, because you can make endless variations with colors and thicknesses. 

Let's start:

One shirt, cut into strips | Glue Gun

1. Take 6 pieces of fabric, mine are about 45 cm long and 1,5 cm wide. Place something heavy on the toppart to keep them in place.
2. Take the right strip and follow the red line in the picture.
3. It should look like this.
4. Take the left strip and follow the red line in the picture.
5. It should look like this.
6. Now repeat steps 2 and 4. Pull on them, but not to tight!
7. Keep braiding until you have your desired length.
8. Get your glue gun or some textile glue and place a stripe of glue on top of the end. Do this on both sides.
9. Cut the fabric on the other side of the glue strip. Not the braided side!
10. It should look like this.
11. Put some glue on the outside of the braid, like shown in the picture.
12. Place the other outside against it and push them together until the glue has dried.
13. Measure the width of youre braid.
14. Cut a piece of fabric. The size should be 2x the width of your braid + 1 cm.
15. Fold the piece of fabric around the part where the bracelet is attached. And glue it together.

All done!

You can of course also sew the bracelet instead of using glue.

The bracelet will be easy to slide over you're hand, because the fabric is stretchy and soft.

Pictures by Lana


DIY | Shirt into Braided Necklace

Make this simple braided necklace out of just one shirt! It's very soft to wear and easy to make! 

Here's how:

1. Take an old shirt.
2. Cut the sleeves of and cut the shirt into long strips. The width of your strips depends on how thick you'll want your necklace to be. I cut them about 2.5 cm.
3. Cut the fabric until you have 9 strips.
4. Start braiding a simpel 3 strand braid.
5. Repeat braiding until you have 3 braids. Braid a new 3 strand braid with your braided strips.
6. Cut six more strips from the shirt, but this time cut them thinner: about 1 cm in width. Use them to make two smaller braids.
7. Cut the endings of the big braid and use some glue to seal it.
8. Attach the smaller braids to the ends of your big braid with some glue.
9. Take a small leftover piece of fabric and wrap it around the part were you attached the braids together. Use a small amount of glue.

All you have to do know is, tie it around your neck, and that's it! Easy right?!


UPCYCLING DIY | Mens Shirt Into Skirt

My boyfriend and I have been cleaning out our closets and it felt like the perfect opportunity to recycle some of the shirts and turn them into some fabulous new pieces. 

So be prepared for the following days, because there will be a lot of upcycling shirts tutorials on the blog!

I hope you'll enjoy it and let me now what you think!

Supplies: Large shirt | Scissors | Elastic band | Sewing Machine

1. Take one old mens shirt or large women's shirt.
2. Cut the shirt, just underneath where the sleeves start.
3. Measure an elastic band in the size of your waist. Sew the band to the top of the shirt, make sure that you spread the fabric evenly onto the elastic.


Spring Break

Spring Break is here, but I'm not feeling to well today :(   Fortunately I still have a whole week to go, so be prepared and empty you're schedules, because there are a lot of DIY's coming you're way as soon as I am feeling better!

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With a little help from my friend

Picture by Lana

I am busy working on my newest DIY project, but didn't manage to finish it today. So here is my lovely model showing you a sneak peak!

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Bracelet Tutorials

Bracelet DIY
Pictures by Lana

I was feeling nostalgic and thought about 'the good old days' where you would make you're own bracelets  during those boring classes in school. But I forgot how to make these simple but fun bracelets. That's why  I searched the internet and found some very easy DIY's by my fellow bloggers.

I made the bracelets on the first picture with the help of:  buatkalunggelang
And the second bracelets where made, thanks to the easy step by step tutorial from: honestlywtf


Todays Inspiration

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Bow Necklace Tutorial

Yes, I know I already did a Bow Button Shirt DIY a couple of days ago. But I just really seem to like bows these days! That's why I just had to make a bow necklace to wear with my summer dresses. It was actually really easy to make, so I am very excited to share this DIY with you!

It takes 9 steps to make a pretty bow necklace, but don't worry they are very tiny steps, just to make the process as easy as possible for you!

These are almost all the things you will need. I also used a needle, thread and a sewing machine. But you can also use some glue if you prefer that.

  And that was it! You are now the proud owner of a pretty girly bow necklace! Enjoy!

Bow necklace DIY


2 Pieces, 5 Looks

2 Pieces, 5 Looks

Skirt- New YorkerTop- Primark
  Pictures by Lana

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Inspiring Textile Art

Textile art

More of Amanda McCavour can be found here 

These artworks are made by Amanda McCavour. She is an artist living in Toronto and a graduate from York University with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts. These amazing installations are all made with a special technique: She sews on a dissolvable fabric and by sewing repeatedly, the installation gains strength, which is displayed beautifully without the support of any fabric. 

I'm inspired!

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OUTFIT | Simple & Chic

Dress- H&M, Scarf- Vintage, Shoes- Vintage
Pictures by Lana


Vintage glow

Vintage glow, Noa Noa

Noa Noa spring/summer collection 2012

This makes me feel warm again :)

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Upcycling Bottle Tutorials

Upcycle bottle DIY

Eating and drinking wine is of course a lot of fun, but it's also fun to use the old bottles and jars and transform them into original decorating pieces.  

First find some old bottles and jars and remove the labels. I soaked them in hot water to clean them and to  make it easier to remove the labels. 

Grab you're glue gun and start writing on the bottle/jar. (Instead of writhing you can also draw flowers, patterns or anything you like).

Spray paint the bottles in you're choice of color. I choose glossy red, but you can also go for a non-glossy color. Make sure that the paint dries completely before handling them, because you can easy get you're fingerprints on them.

I decided to add some twine as a personal touch. I used my glue gun to attach the twine to the bottle en started going upwards to cover the whole top.

 And there you go, you're old bottles and jars will have a new purpose in you're living room!

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