The Falling Tree

I found this amazing installation on Pinterest and love it! It's designed by Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger. It's called the Falling Tree and it was created for the 50th venice biennial in 2003. It was housed in the church of San Stae on the Grand canal, Italy.
visitors lie on a bed, above the doge's tomb, in the middle of the church and watch as the installation merges itself with it's surroundings.

I just love how the objects don't just fill the space, but seem to be a part of it. Oh how I wish I was in Italy in 2003!


Vintage Portrait on Canvas DIY

When I saw this tutorial on A beautifull mess, I just had to try it! But I decided not to completely copy it and add a personal touch. 
I found these oval canvasses for only 2 euros each and wanted to create a vintage looking portrait. So I grabbed my camera and convinced my boyfriend to put on a suit and pose for the picture. I did some research on vintage portraits and tried to make our pictures look as ''real as I could.

Do you also want to make a vintage portrait? here's how:

1. Take some oval canvasses and gel medium.
2. Print the photos that you like with a laser printer.
3. Apply a thick amount of gel medium onto the canvasses.
4. Place the printed image face down onto the canvas. Let the gel dry overnight.
5. Cut the sides of the paper to match the oval shape.
6. Take a sponge or brush and wed the paper. Make sure it;s not soaking wet!
7. Start rubbing the paper of with your fingers. This will take some time, be careful not to rub to hard or you'll rub the image away!
8. Take 1 piece of ribbon.
9. glue the ends to the back of the canvas.
10. Make a bow like in the picture.

All done!

 Pictures by lana



Tomorrow I'm of to the sunny side of Europe! As you can see on the picture: my packing is almost done! I figured I just need my bikini, sunglasses, camera, suncream and red lipgloss ;) Me and my boyfriend booked a last minute since his schedule so busy, so I'll be back in a couple of days, but what a wonderful days they shall be! And I even don't have to worry about my lovely cats, because my boyfriends sister will stay in our house to cuddle them!

And no worries for the people staying home, I've got some tutorials scheduled on my blog. So even though I 'm away, You will still have fun tutorials to entertain or inspire you in the next couple of days!

See you soon!

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Picnicking days

The sun has finally found Holland! And that means that I have been eating outside for two days, and I love it! Here are some pictures of the last two days. All I really did was just sit and eat with some friends, so wonderful :) 

I love the summer!

How are your picnicking days?

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Phone Case DIY

My boyfriend just bought a new phone and needed a new phone case to go with it. So I promised him I would make him one. He really wanted it to have a simple design and no bold colors. I decided to use felt, since it's affordable and if you use it in grey it gives it that modern manly vibe. I mixed the grey with some red on the inside, to make it more design and less boring :)

He's really happy with it, and it was ridiculously easy to make!

Here's how, if you want to make one yourself:

1. Get two different colors of felt, a scissor and some pins.
2. Cut the felt in half, so the phone will fit more than twice in one piece.
3. Cut the pieces in the size of your phone + 1 cm all around.
4. Put the pieces on top of each other and put your phone in the middle.
5. Pin the sides with your phone still inside the felt pieces. Pin it pretty tight, because it will be a bit less tight when it's sewn together.
6. Take your phone out and stitch the pinned parts.
7. Cut the felt about 2mm. from the stitched sides.

All done!

 Pictures by Lana


With Love Nail DIY

What a better way to say something nice, then to say it with your nails! I had a girly night with my sister, and we decided to paint our nails. We felt like doing something unusual and ended up with simply writing messages on our nails. Just think of how wonderful it would be, if someone handed you something and there nails said thank you, or "with love".

Feeling like giving the people around you a nice handshake? Here's the tutorial:

Apply a thin coat of nail polish on your nails. I used a soft shade of purple.

Take a nail polish with a thin brush, or simply take an old nail polish brush, clean it with acetone, and cut the brush to make it thinner.
Write a letter on each nail, you can try to use different fonds and colors.

All done!

What would you write on your nails? Please let me know, I would love to hear your ideas!

Pictures by Kelly


DIY | Fabric Flower Pots

maker gif

My house has a huge garden and a balcony. My boyfriend already worked a lot in the garden and is now growing vegetables and it all looks really nice. So I decided to leave the garden to him, and start a balcony project for myself. 

The balcony is pretty boring, it has a grey floor and some light grayish walls. So I decided to spice it up with A LOT of flowerpots! I went to the local thriftstore and bought about 10 boring and some very ugly flowerpots. 

I spray painted them and applied flowery patterned fabric on them as decoration. They all look so nice now!

Want to restyle your own flowerpots? Here's how:

- Pieces of fabric
- Scissor
- Glossy spray paint in the color of your choosing
- Mod podge + paintbrush
- Flowerpots ;)

1. Take some old flowerpots and put them on a piece of paper. Spray paint the flowerpots (I did 3 layers). Let the flower pots dry.

2. Apply a coat of mod podge on the area you want to decorate.

3. Cut out a piece of fabric in the size of the mod podge covered area. Apply the fabric onto the flowerpot and make sure that there are no bubbles underneath the fabric, I smoothed it out with my fingers rubbing up and down. Let the mod podge underneath the fabric dry

4. Apply two more coats of mod lodge on top of the fabric, with a period of time between the layers to let the mod podge dry.

Put some nice flowers in the decorated pots and you are done!

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I love this day!

Some days are just perfect! I spend the day with my boyfriend and it was so much fun! He has been really busy lately, so it was definitely time to spend some time together. We decided to go out and explore a city that we both didn't really knew very well. And well let me just say, I ended up being 60 meters up in the air and I can definitely say that I saw the entire city!

First we went for lunch and a cup of tea in a lovely restaurant that had all these vintage pieces and a wonderful floor in the bathroom which I forgot to take a picture of:(
Then we visited a pretty cool museum, they had a room that was covered from top to bottom with beeswax (see image above), it smelled amazing!
Afterwards we remembered that we spotted a fair nearby the station and decided to visit it, and it was huge! It was so much fun and it had this wonderful vibe. My boyfriend eventually convinced me to join him on a 60 meter high giant's stride, and it was scary! You see me laughing on the picture, but I was totally scared!

We ended our day with a nice dinner and watching the sunset on the train ride home.

Pretty amazing day right?!

How was your saturday?xoxo Lana


Oh, how I love Crafting!

Image by Lana

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Behind the scenes

Here is a little peek behind the scenes of Lana Red! I have only been blogging for almost 4 months, but it already feels like a big part of my life and I love it! And I thought it was time to share a little bit of how my bloglife looks like in real life. I know how pretty things can look like in pictures, and I just wanted to show you the realistic( but also a lot of fun!) side of having this blog.

As you can see in the image above, I can be a bit messy :) Hair or other close-up shots only really need a good background and some nice lighting. You can see me here sitting in my 'dressing room' in front of my closet. I hang different kind of shawls and scarfs over the closet as a background. This way the photos will have a different feel in each post and I don't have to paint my entire wall! 
And the lighting in this room is perfect at the end of the afternoon!

After finishing the tutorials and results photos, I take them into photoshop and make them a little bit prettier:) I usuly make them a bit lighter and alter the contrast. And if I'm in a really arty mood I try some photoshop actions, to create a special vibe.

I started this blog to give myself another reason to keep making crafty things and sharing my tutorials as a thank you to all of the people that had inspired me with there tutorials. But it has become so much more to me than that, and it's a big part of my life right now. You can see me in the image above working on my blog while I'm in the train. My parents and sisters live 2 hours away by train from me, and that train ride is always perfect for me to do some photo editing. 
I am very happy with how things are going so far, and I love to read all the lovely comments that people write on my blog. Thank you all so much for your support!

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Hair Bun DIY

High hair buns have been in style for a while now, unfortunately my hair is very thin and I just don't have enough thickness in my hair to create a proper bun. Until I was shopping at Primark and found this 'bun donut' (see image 4, below). It is just a genius way to make the perfect bun, even for my thin hair! Here's the tutorial:

1. Brush your hair, if necessary straighten it.
2. Get an elastic band.
3. Make a high ponytail.
4. Get your bun donut :)
5. Place it over the ponytail.
6. Divide the tail into four strands.
7. spread one of the strands and fold it around the bun.
8. Take a bobby pin.
9. Secure the folded hair-strands with the bobby pin.
10. Make sure the back looks one, and style it up with a cute little bow!

All done!

Pictures by Lana