Inspirational Tuesday

How amazing is this?! Product designer Finn Magee created these amazing posters. It's a series of three: sound, light and an alarm clock. They all work and are already for sale at Phillips de Pury.
I already know what my room will look like in the future!


What if live is just a dream?

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Halloween Love: Costumes

Oh, how I wish that the Dutch celebrate halloween. I have been looking with envy to all those fun halloween crafts on Craftgawker. I love to dress up, but unfortunately not many people I know share this love:) 
So I will just keep on dreaming, and looking at all your wonderful creations!

How are you dressing up this halloween? I would love to know!

Here are some of my favorite costumes so far:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


DIY | Cork Coaster

Here's a quick and easy tutorial about customizing your boring old cork coasters that you can use to customize to your own taste!

Supplies: Cork coasters, pencil, wood burner

1. Make a test sheet with your favorite drawing or text.
2. Draw your chosen image or text onto the cork coaster.
3. Trace the shape with the wood burner.

All done!


Greetings from Curaçao!

By the time you read this I'll be in the (hopefully) sunny Curaçao! I left yesterday and I am going on a nine day trip with my sister. I have been really looking forward to this and I am very excited to see all the cute colorful houses and white sandy beaches.

And don't you worry about missing out on any Lana Red Studio crafts: I have some scheduled posts lined up for you!

Have a wonderful week and see you again soon!

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Inspirational Tuesday

When I visited New York last year, I fell in love with the city. I just felt right at home and could see myself living there in the near future. So when I saw Diane von Furstenberg's house, I just knew that New York (and obviously her apartment) is the place to be!
Her appartment is one of the most inspiring houses that I've ever seen. Besides the location (Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, next to the High line park) and the incredible architecture of the building, I just love her personal style. Her home feels like, well, a home. It has colors, soft textures, strange objects and a very present female touch.

To see more of her fabulous house, visit Architectural Digest 

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Market Love

I recently went to a famous market in Amsterdam (Albert Cuyp) for some fabric for a school project. And I realized once again how much I love to stroll on markets! It's just impossible for me to go to a market, buy what I need and leave. I just have to see everything and want to have it all! 
I also get great project ideas as soon as I enter a market area, so I guess I should got there as often as I can ;)


Pretty Past

My parents recently digitized all of there old photographs and I was really amazed at how beautiful all the images are! I couldn't really remember most of the pictures, and a lot of them are from before I was born, so I just browsed trough the hundreds of old memories. I was really fascinated by the photography and thought it is really strange that I have been trying to get a similar 'vintage' look on some of my blogposts. But nowadays it's photoshop that creates a filter for your pictures and all of these images are the 'real deal'.
I find them very inspiring and am very excited to share a few of my favorites with you! Don't forget to look at the very cute fashion choices ;)

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Hair Bow DIY

Do I have a fun and girly hair tutorial for you! 
I've seen a few hair bow tutorials online, but they just didn't seem to work for me. My hair is pretty thin and the tutorials that I tried created this tini tiny bow on my head...
So I created a new version that's suitable for all hair types!

Here's how:

1. Brush your pretty locks.
2. Make half a pony tail by using a small hair tie.
3. take your pony tail halfway trough the hair tie, to create a 'loop'
4. Split the loop in half.
5. Grab the leftover piece of hair, and fold it over the middle.
6. Secure with a bobby pin.
7. Make sure that you can't see the bobby pin.
8. Take one of the 'loops' and spread it over the side of your head. Slide a bobby pin through the middle of the loop. Repeat this on the other side.

All done!



Trend love: Tiny Houses

I just love the trend that uses tiny houses, It seems that you can take the pretty shapes and use it for anything! I already used it for my Bleach Drawing Dress, but the above images are already making me want to use the shapes more!

Image links: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4


Inspirational Tuesday

I recently stumbled upon the video Solipsist, made by Andrew Thomas Huang. Solipsist is an amazing video full of beautiful and unusual surroundings. 

I don't want to say to much about it, because it's just one of those things that you'll have to experience yourself.

To see more incredible work made by Andrew Thomas Huang, visit his website.

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Tea Wisdom

Tonight I'm relaxing after a busy school day. And dreaming about my upcoming trip over a cup of tea. 

Have a lovely monday evening everyone! 

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DIY | Boots Restyle

After I upcycled my dress shoes, I decided to restyle a pair of boots that I recently bought at the local thrift store. 
The boots where still in pretty good shape, but the noses where a bit worn out. I choose a pretty floral fabric and started project boot restyle!

Here's how:

Take some old boots

1. Place a sheer plastic bag over your shoe and trace the part where you want the fabric the be.
2. Cut the the shapes out of the plastic bag.
3. Place the plastic shapes on the fabric and cut the shapes out of the fabric.
4. Apply mod podge on the part of the shoe where you want the fabric to be.
5. Place the fabric on the shoe.
6. Let it dry.
7. Cut any excessive fabric of.
8. Apply another layer of mod podge over the fabric and let dry.

All done!