Pom Pom Necklace DIY

I just love pompoms! I already made two tutorials with them ( cushion & lamp), and I have always wanted to incorporate them in a jewelry tutorial. 
And now that neon is totally in fashion ;) I decided that it's time to finally create my PomPom Necklace! 
Anthropologie already made a fabulous version last year, and I decided to make a more 'me' version by using black as a base combined with a bold neon pink cord and baby blue pompoms.

Materials needed: 2x pompom cords | 2x chains | 3x small ribbons | wire | big needle | 

And to make it complete: a Pink neon leather cord from endlessleather

1. Use your needle to zigzag the first ribbon trough the first chain.
2. Then use use your wire to attach the chain to the first pompom cord.
3. Now use your needle to zigzag the second ribbon through the second chain.
4. Use the wire to attach the pretty pink leather cord to the first chain. (you can also use a lot of hoop rings to create the same look).
5. Take the third ribbon and use it to attach the second chain to the wired pink leather cord.
6. Sew the final ribbon cord to the second chain.

All done!


  1. Excellent idea !! You look so amaizing

  2. So cute!
    And the pompom cushions are adorable too! Thrifting fabric is the way to go, I have such a hard time forking over the cash it costs anywhere else!

    If you're interested, I'd love to see you enter one of your projects over on our DIY contest! ;)


Thank you! x Lana