DIY | Hair Extensions Part 1

My hair is pretty thin and it just won't grow longer than a certain length. And I have always wanted to have long hair, but because my hair is so fragile, I was afraid to use the glue-in extensions.

So the best option was to get some clip-in extensions. But they are pretty expensive and it was still a bit of an experiment, because you never know if it's going to look natural on your hair. So I decided to make my own ones, and they turned out pretty great!
It was a bit difficult to find hair in my color, but I eventually found it:)

So get ready to lengthen your hair like and look like this:

- One pack of hair. I bought mine in Korea town NYC. But there are a lot of web shops online that sell them. The good thing about these packs of hair is that the hair will have at least 3 shades of color. This means that it will blend more natural to your own hair, and doesn't have to be the exact same color. Also if you buy human hair like I did, then you can try to dye it. (although I tried to dye it with henna and that didn't work, but regular hair dye should work better though..)
For those interested in the color I bought, it's #350.
- 12 clips
- Needle and thread
- scissors

1. Brush your hair and if you have bought straight hair, then straighten your own hair too.
2. Put your hair up as shown in the picture and take a string of the bought hair and measure it across your head. Starting from the back of your ear to the other ear. Cut the strip of hear.
- I doubled the hair up, which means that you will use two strings of hair with the same width for 1 clip in extension.
- I made 3 clip in extensions. So that means that you will need 6 strings of hair with the width of one ear to the other.
3. Place the two strips of hair on top of each other.
4. Place the clip onto the hair. Make sure you place it in the right direction.
5. Sew the clip to the layered hair. Start with one side.
6. I used four clips for 1 extension piece. I first sewed the right one on and then worked my way to the left.

Go to my blog tomorrow to see how to wear them and make them look natural!

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  1. Looks really pretty and natural! I'm interested to see if it also looks natural at the back, could you make some pictures of that?

    1. You can see those pictures in Part 2:

  2. What websites can I get a pack of hair from?

    1. There are many many websites out there that sell hair. You can just google it and find a lot of good options. The reason that I didn't mention any websites, is because I haven't done enough research to be able to tell the best websites (I bought my hair in store in NYC).
      Please let me know if you find any good ones or if you have any other questions!


  3. After a really botched haircut, I did this same thing. I bought my human hair from a beauty supply store (I wanted to be sure to get the right shade bc I color my hair). I bought a dark brown (my natural color) and an auburn shade. I layered those with the auburn on top for some and brown for others. I swear NO ONE knew I was wearing clip on extentions. My hair has since grown out. I made some new clip ons with longer hair and wear them when I go out. I call it my Vegas Hottie Hair... My boyfriend loves it!


Thank you! x Lana