Guess what I did yesterday? I booked a ticket to New York! 

For new readers: I stayed in New York last summer for 3 months to do a theater internship and I loved it! I really did not want to leave the city, but had to go back to school for my final year.

Now that I'm in my final year, I have to do a design research and decided to do a part of that research in the city I love most! I am leaving in less than two weeks, so it's a bit hectic with preparing the research and finishing projects here, but it's all completely worth it and I really shouldn't even complain:)

I will let you know how the preparations are going! 

While I do that, please don't forget the Lalamagic retro watch Giveaway, it ends pretty soon!


  1. Wow, that's exciting. We went there when my son was looking at colleges to see Columbia and spent the day trying to see as much as we could and spent a fortune to park. We did see the skating rink and rode the subway and walked a lot. Wish we could go back and see and do more. It was exciting. My youngest wants to live there someday. My mom and her husband lived near when I was young and too broke to afford to visit. Enjoy! Pat S

    1. How wonderful that you still had the change to discover the city for one day! It sounds exciting!
      Thank you so much for your comment!xx


Thank you! x Lana